Work groups

The work groups purpose is to divide users into groups based on common characteristics. It’s up to you, what group naming and sorting you choose. It is possible to assign work groups to the Work shifts.


In the Plan, you can view only users from selected group or groups.

lightbulb-iconOn the existing Plan page, click on the settings (nastaveni) or add a new one (Selection_224). Choose your own title and leave the type as Plan. Press Next to continue and select a work group. You can also choose whether to display errors from all users or not.


In the Presence overview, beside Work groups, you can also specify Zones.

You will come across Work groups in the Readers administration, where the users, which you want to assign to the reader, are sorted into work groups.

Reports, more accurately Month summary and Overview errors in the attendance, also use working group classification of users.



The default work group can be set on the page Companies.